Fundamentals of renewable energy systems

Fundamentals of renewable energy systems

This semester will focus on the fundamental principles of renewable energy (RE) systems, notably photovoltaic systems and wind turbine based sources.

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Artificial Intelligence and Power Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Power Systems

This semester is composed of two parts: one dedicated to electrical power systems and smart grids, and the other to the study and deepening of techniques based on artificial intelligence.

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Smart Power Energy

Smart Power Energy

Smart Power Energy is an intelligent energy management system that allows for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing energy consumption in a home or business.

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Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy Systems

Project: 101082645 — AIRES — ERASMUS-EDU-2022-EMJM-DESIGN



The partners would like to extend their grateful thanks and acknowledgement to the European Union (EU) for funding the AIRES project.  


University of Sousse, Tunisia


University of León, Spain


University of Càdiz, Spain


University of L'Aquila, Italy


University of Trnava, Slovakia


The establishment of a new accredited Master degree related to the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in the field renewable energies could provide solutions in this matter and contribute to the EU efforts in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions according to their strategic and plan actions by 2030. The main program challenge is to train qualified graduates who are able to properly design innovative solutions for the use of renewable energies based on the latest revolutionary cutting-edge techniques.

Through this project, the partners, coming from four distinct countries will establish/accredit an innovative International Master’s program whose goal is to train graduates who can design and operate in the development and strengthening of the use of renewable energies and their optimum utilization and management through the use of Artificial Intelligence, i.e. a sector in full and quick mutation and that requires highly qualified and innovative professionals.

This project comprises two main aspects: the first is related to the training of technical staff specialized in the discipline of renewable energy, including the design, installation and PV plants management, wind farms, other renewables and energy persons benefiting from the storage systems, the second is related to the development of soft computing tools and data mining allowing optimal exploitation, utilization, and storage of renewable energy sources.

The partners’ joint cooperation will create a strong research and teaching alliance which will help the recruitment of excellent students worldwide and the mobility of students and researchers among our institutions. Persons benefiting from the project: 20 students, 22 academic staff, and 5 from the administrative and financial staff. The Joint Master program of AIRES outlines expected results: accreditation of the proposed Master replying to European standards; network between partner universities; dissemination and exploitation platform.