1- Develop and accredit an innovative quality training, within the partner institutions of this project, meeting the expectations and needs of industrial wishing to properly exploit and manage renewable energy sources

2- Train researchers and specialists in the field of renewable energies associated with technological and scientific knowledge in AI

3- Develop data mining skills managing digital databases including climate and power load and energy consumption measurements which will be used thereafter to develop intelligent algorithms allowing to make the precise prediction (forecasting) of the renewable energies effective capacity and of the load behaviour.

4- Contribute to the improvement of existing systems for reliability and health analysis of renewable energy systems through the development of analysis models based on AI tools

5-Contribute to the development of smart meter systems and communication networks to control and monitor power grid with high RES penetration

6- Contribute to the development of AI-based algorithms to optimize electrical networks and microgrids with massive integration of photovoltaic power plants, wind farms and energy storage devices

7- Strengthen international cooperation between the consortium’s members in research related to renewable energy systems and AI techniques

8- Reinforce the challenge of information (theoretical and practical) between the industrial involved in the project, the European partners and the academics,

9 -Develop soft and social skills in addition to technology and entrepreneurship